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Golden sun stone

Golden sun stone

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Golden sun stone: generally 3.45-3.61 inches

The golden sun stone, named "sunlight stone", is a kind of crystal, which is rich in minerals. When it is worn on the hand, it can rub with the hand and release trace elements beneficial to the body. It has the effect of massaging the body and soothing muscles.

The sun stone has translucent dark orange, gold, golden brown and other colors. Its color is bright and dazzling. It can visually comfort the wearer's heart, relieve pressure, adjust melancholy mood, concentrate faster and achieve the goal.

The golden sun stone contains many small minerals arranged neatly and brightly colored. When exposed to the sun, it will reflect a little golden light. When worn on the body, it can add the wearer's lively and enthusiastic personal temperament like the sun.
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