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Labradorite: generally 2.85-3.76 inches

1. It has calm, firm and long wavelength energy characteristics. For those who are prone to fatigue and often have poor physical strength, it helps to strengthen vitality and enhance physical strength and endurance;

2. For those who often need to work overtime, they can wear elongated stones, which helps to supplement their physical strength unconsciously and is not easy to fatigue;

3. When the eyes are tired and the throat is sore, the elongated stone can be pasted on it, and its energy can be used to soothe and return to normal;

4. When the muscles and bones are sore due to excessive exercise and work, the elongated stone can be used to massage the sore parts to reduce the pain;

5. Holding the elongated stone and sitting still helps to improve the frequency of the whole body, strengthen the perspective and insight of things, and avoid being confused by the appearance of things.

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