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prehite: generally 3.45-3.86 inches

1.can make people's thinking clear and improve their sense of intuition. In the modern age of information flooding, thinking has become more or less confusing. Grape stones can guide you to choose the most suitable path.​​
2. Grape stone can promote blood circulation and has the effect of beauty and beauty. It is very suitable for women to wear. It can increase personal charm, strengthen career and wealth, and condense wealth and aura.​​
3. Grape stone is very suitable for people who need to meditate, meditate, and go deep into their subconscious. The light energy emitted can penetrate the self and resolve the self-stubborn and stubborn thoughts.​​
4. Meditation with grape stones can enhance the immune system and reduce illness. Moreover, grape stones have significant effects on the heart and lungs. The connotation of magnets also makes energy stronger, prosperous fortune, and brings new hope and confidence in life. Create new opportunities.​​
5. Wearing grape stones for a long time can eliminate the negative emotions caused by setbacks, enhance perseverance, improve patience, and guide you to achieve your goals.
6. Grape stone has the effect of warding off evil spirits and turning evil spirits. When you are dissatisfied with the status quo, you can wear grape stone, which can eliminate bad luck, change the negative energy field around you, bring good luck, and become a body stone that is not violated by external forces.

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