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moss agate

moss agate

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Moss agate: generally 3.01-3.05 inches

1. It can reduce the risk of cold, wind cold and frostbite.

2. Those who often have fever and hot hands, including sweaty hands and hot hands, can be exposed to moss agate for a long time to improve their symptoms.

3. Those who are aloof, withdrawn, unsocial but self admiring and self pity with a mirror are most suitable to wear moss agate and stimulate their enthusiasm after wearing it.

4. Placing or carrying moss agate in the couple's room helps to enjoy fish and water and enhance the feelings of husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend.

5. Salesmen wearing moss agate can strengthen their affinity, flexibly respond to all kinds of emergencies, and be exquisite in all aspects, which is helpful to promote business and improve performance
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